National Schools Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program
Sacred Heart Parish Schools

Philomena Zambelli is the Mission & Values Facilitator under the National Schools Chaplaincy Program and Student Welfare Program (NSCSWP).  Working in consultation with the Principal, teachers and the wider school community members, the aims of the services of the program include Seasons for Growth and in addition to the funded    program the role also services    school-based programs such as: Mini-Vinnies, Leadership Day,  Rosary Bead making, Youth Environment Committee, Anti-Bullying program, Flood Committee,  School Masses & classroom visits

By supporting the parish schools’ implementation of their mission and values, based on the Foundational Beliefs & Practices of the catholic faith the Mission & Values Facilitator contributes to a supportive, safe and inclusive learning environment.

School participation in the National School Chaplaincy Welfare Program is voluntary. Mt St Patricks Primary School in conjunction with the wider school community applied for funding for this   role and was successful in their application. It is not compulsory for students to participate in any programs funded under the NSCSWP and parents can withdraw their child from these programs at any time. A parent consent form is required to take part in any funded program, and can be obtained from the Mission & Values Facilitator. Parents wishing to meet with the Mission & Values Facilitator are encouraged to phone the school to make an appointment.

Reviews of the NSCSWP are conducted annually. As part of the review process the role of Mission & Values Facilitator and the services provided are discussed at Parent Forums with the aim to review and confirm the support of the school community for the program.

Any complaints relating to the Mission & Values Facilitator are followed up in accordance to the Lismore Catholic Schools Office ‘Parent & Caregiver Concerns & Complaints Policy & Procedures’. If parents or any other community members have a concern with the program they should contact the Principal immediately.

Consultation with the Mission & Values Facilitator and the Principal take place to discuss Risk Management Plans.

Further information can be obtained from the National School Chaplaincy & Student Welfare program website.
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National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program

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