Parent Talk Enews Newsletter

Parents are the greatest influence on a child’s life and education. Every parent to some degree needs support to fulfil their faith and educational responsibilities to their children. The Parent Assembly supports parents through:

The effectiveness of this support for parents is achieved through the Parent Assembly :

  • strengthening parents ability to build partnership with parish schools that enhances the religious, spiritual, educational and pastoral care of students;
  • engaging with the strategic priorities of the Catholic Schools Office.

The structure and mission of the Parent Assembly is guided by:

  • educational research on the role of parents in the educational partnership
  • the two directional documents of the Catholic Schools Office
  1. Catholic Education in the Diocese of Lismore Foundational Beliefs and Practices  The Essential Framework
  2. Creating a future full of hope – A Statement of Strategic Intent for Catholic Education in the Diocese of Lismore 2010 – 2014.
  • the beliefs and teachings of the Catholic Church that:
  1. parents are the first and primary educators of their children.
  2. the future of the Church and society passes by way of the family.
  3. the family is the first and fundamental school of social being
  4. God has bestowed on the family its own specific and educational mission.
  5. partnership between a Catholic school and the families of the students must continue and be strengthened.

These beliefs guided the development of the Parent Assembly when it was created in 1996, under the direction of the Bishop and the guidance of the Catholic Schools Council.